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                ABOUT US

                Big Data Cloud Network Services

                Broadband Services

                Overseas Businesses

                Dr. Peng's D+ Media and ANB have jointly founded ANB Mall - the first cross-border shopping mall on OTT.
                Dr. Peng and Jingrui Education have jointly built dedicated education network and cloud.
                Dr. Peng and WeDoctor are jointly working on a number of fields, such as health network, product integration, marketing & promotion and installation and maintenance services.
                Dr. Peng's Great Wall Broadband cooperated with Xiaomi Group to open smart home community experience centers.
                Dr. Peng was awarded Best Support Partner at Huawei inTouch 2016.
                Dr. Peng became mobile virtual network operator of China Mobile in 2014.
                CUSTOMER STORY
                The first G20 Summit that employs Video Conferencing
                For the first time in history, G20 summit adopts Global Video Conferencing system in Hangzhou 2016. Dr. Peng's Pengyun Video Conferencing System helped more than 30 countries and multi-national organizations conduct video conferences, providing comprehensive service support for G20. Leaders of participating countries and Cyberspace Administration of China acknowledge the support from Dr. Peng Group and praise the Pengyun Video Conferencing system.